JimHuntGrafx / Bio


 I attended the Center for Creative Studies in Detroit, MI majoring in Graphic Design and Illustration. I have worked as a freelance designer and illustrator with representation in New York, Detroit and Chicago. While based in New York, I was commissioned to do work for a variety of clients, such as GM, Ford, CBS Fox Video, Time-Life Books, Consumer Reports Magazine, Reader’s Digest, Sesame Street TV, HBO and ESPN Sports. I am committed to helping Point Images achieve it’s vision of becoming a full-service Multi-Media Company. I will be offering all types of graphic design, advertising design and web-site development.

The images below are some of the title frames for the custom designed Intro videos for player highlight videos. Each intro is between 15 and 20 seconds duration and contains custom animated graphics and photos. Every design is unique. I never use templates or any other type of pre-made devices. To see examples, just select View Highlight Videos from the Main Menu.