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GRFC Defender Michaela Kovacs named 2017 UWS Championship MVP

GRANDVILLE, MI – The Grand Rapids FC Women faced an uphill battle in both games of the 2017 United Women’s Soccer (UWS) Championship at Grandville High School and in the end, reached the summit. The GRFC Women (12-1-1) came back from an early deficit and forced extra time for the second straight match in tonight’s UWS National Final against the defending UWS champion Santa Clarita Blue Heat (9-1), notching two goals in the first overtime session to win by a 3-1 score. With the victory, the first-year organization captured the 2017 UWS Championship title.

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The images below are from the Marian vs Troy Soccer game on 03-24-2018
photos by Bob Bruce.  To see more or purchase photos go to – bobbrucephotography.smugmug.com


Images from the Vardar Girls ECNL games on 03-02 & 03-08, Vardar Academy Boys on 03-17 & Vardar Boys ECNL ’01 on 03-18    
photos by Bob Bruce  To see more or purchase photos go to – 

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The Vardar Soccer Club of Michigan is dedicated to the development of excellence and sportsmanship in its members and is the top soccer club in the state of Michigan.We have earned the reputation on a nationwide basis of consistently producing winning teams. No matter where our teams may travel, they receive immediate recognition. Vardar is large enough to offer opportunity and challenge to the gifted child (male or female). Yet Vardar is small enough to take a personal approach, giving each child the kind of immediate and direct guidance that is carefully tailored to their individual needs.


The Objective of our Club is to provide an environment to maximize individual talent within a team concept and at the same time assist parents in developing the tools necessary for their child to succeed in life. Since 1982 Vardar has produced exceptional players and teams with the highest individual and team records. Coach Morris Lupenec, with his hand picked staff of soccer professionals, have established a standard of excellence that is evident on the field and nationally recognized. Morris Lupenec has combined traditions of soccer success and proven player development into the Vardar Soccer Club. It is his vision that the Vardar Soccer Club will be successful at the State, Regional and National levels.

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Visit our website at:  www.vardarsoccer.com