Highlight Order Contract


Basic Player Highlight Price $400 – 6 game edit maximum.
We require a deposit of $200 before we can begin your highlight project.
Updates – $50 minimum
You may update your highlight with new content at any time. If you have one of those games that you want everyone to see right away, let us know your team, the date the game was played, and the time of the play or plays.
Most highlight videos are 3.5 minutes to 4 minutes of game film.They usually consist of about 25 to 30 plays taken from six games filmed by Pointe Images, LLC. This is our basic six game edit, which includes custom designed graphics and a custom soundtrack. There is an additional charge to edit more than 6 games. We also charge an additional fee for adding arrows or circles to emphasize the player’s location. We cannot use video that was shot by any video service other than Pointe Images without written permission from whomever holds the copyright to the content.This includes HUDL and Krossover.

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Use of Music
Usually PointeImages purchases music and the right to use the music in the highlight. Pointe Images selects music that we feel is appropriate for the intended audience. Should you desire to select your own music, you must first provide Pointe Images with a written Copyright Use Consent Letter from the owner of the copyrighted material. If you decide you do not want music in your video, just let us know before we start your project.

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Project Review
We will upload the highlight to our web site and send you the URL where the highlight can be viewed. You can review the highlight and request changes if needed. After your review of the highlight and any changes/corrections have been made, the highlight is complete and you will receive an email invoice.
Once the balance has been paid, we will send you the URL which you can share with college coaches or others for viewing. 

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Custom Player Highlight
We require a 50% deposit of the quoted price before we can begin your highlight project. The charge for highlights longer than 4 minutes of game film is $100 per minute for each additional minute over 4 minutes. The Custom Highlight includes custom designed graphics and custom soundtrack and we will add as needed, arrows or circles to emphasize the players location, or text overlays will be included in the quoted price. Pointe Images can not use film from any sources other than Pointe Images, without written permission from whomever owns the copyright to that film.There will be an additional minimum charge of $50 to upload a Highlight Video to YouTube or any other 3rd party. Call 313-344-1255 or email info@pointeimages.com or Jim Hunt -313-213-8622 or email jimhuntgrafx@gmail.com for a written quote regarding a Custom Player Highlight.

Check Outline

Summary of what info you need to know when you are ready to fill out the Highlight Order Form
*Providing us now with the information we need will help expedite production of your project, and can avoid unnecessary delays and possibly additional costs.

1.Decide on the 6 games filmed by PointeImages you want to use for your Highlight with the name of the opponent and the date the game was played. If you have any film from another source, contact us first.

2.Up to date information about the players school, sport, position, jersey number, graduating class.
***It is the policy of PointeImages and JimHuntGrafx NOT to display any personal information such as private cell phone numbers or email addresses of a minor child.

3.Up to date information about any club teams or travel teams.

4.Up to 3 CONTACTS. Names, titles, phone numbers and email addresses of those you want to use as reference for college coaches to contact such as Head Coaches, Assist. Coaches, Goalkeeper Coaches, Personal Trainers, etc.

5.Personal Accolades, both academic and athletic.

6.If you want to select your own music, you must provide PointeImages with a written Copyright Use Consent letter from the owner of the copyrighted material. NO Exceptions.

7.Most clients are able to provide PointeImages with a few still photos of game action or portrait-type photos. If you have any, please just email them directly to  jimhuntgrafx@gmail.com  in .jpeg or .png format from the original source files. Please-No screen-capture images taken from a web page.

8.The person filling out and submitting the highlight form must be at least 18 yrs.of age.

9.Pay the deposit.

10. **Payment is due within 30 days of receipt of the invoice for the balance of your account. 

Photographic and digital images are subject to copyright law.
In compliance with federal copyright law, PointeImages will not reproduce a copyrighted photograph or video taken by a professional photographer or videographer without a signed release from that individual or studio. The release must be signed by both you and the professional or studio who shot the photograph or filmed the video.

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