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I attended the Center for Creative Studies in Detroit, MI majoring in Graphic Design and Illustration. I have worked as a freelance designer and illustrator with representation in New York, Detroit and Chicago. While based in New York, I was commissioned to do work for a variety of clients, such as GM, Ford, CBS Fox Video, Time-Life Books, Consumer Reports Magazine, Reader’s Digest, Sesame Street TV, HBO and ESPN Sports. I am committed to helping Point Images achieve it’s vision of becoming a full-service Multi-Media Company. I will be offering all types of graphic design, advertising design and web-site development.

Along with all the graphic design work I have been doing for us these past few months, I have taken on the job of designing this new website. The web-design program I am using for this site is called WordPress, and it is fast becoming the program of choice for web-developers around the world. It’s a very flexible and user-friendly platform that is always evolving and changing and can be whatever you want it to be. My goal is not just to make the site look better, but to re-organize it a way that is easier to navigate and fun for everyone who visits Pointe Images.

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