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Carpathia A-160


(Updated: 02-25-2017)

Filming Athletic Events

The following prices are for Non-Commercial Use of any video of an athletic event. For Commercial Use Licensing – call us for a quote and written consent. Most of our games are filmed in 1080p at 30 frames per second.

$125.00  Filming a sporting event in high definition (1080p or 720P) without using a Hi-Pole in the Detroit Metro area (Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties south of M59). After filming, we will upload the game to our web site and can password protect the file. Krossover upload: there is an additional charge to upload to your Krossover account of $10 per game.  HUDL Upload: There is an additional fee for uploading to your HUDL account of $20. This additional fee is due to the platform HUDL uses which usually requires four hours or longer to upload high definition footage. CALL OR EMAIL US FOR A QUOTE

$155.00 Filming with a Hi-Pole. Pointe Images has two Hi-Poles that can elevate the camera vantage point 26 to 31 feet. This is a great advantage over filming at ground level at locations that do not have a press box or high bleachers to film from.

Prices for games previously filmed and archived by PointeImages: All games we film are available as a digital download in high definition 1080p format from our archive for $35 per game. Call us for a quote for a multiparty use or team use Copyright License. Note: Some editing software (iMovie) may NOT edit mp4 files and must be converted to another format. DVD’s are no longer available.
Call us for a quote. 313-344-1255

Day Rates

Video Day Rate (6 hours filming):
One camera $600.00
Two cameras $900.00
Video 1/2 Day Rate (3.5 hours)
One camera $340.00-Two cameras $500.00

*We require a deposit of 50% of the quote before beginning any project. Deposit and payments can be made in cash, by credit card, by calling 313-344-1255 with your card information, or by check made payable to “Pointe Images”.

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